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I wanted to try Placenta Encapsulation for my 4th baby as I’d never tried it before but I’d heard of the benefits.
I found Bron through google and the whole experience was fantastic. Bron was so helpful and caring. She collected my placenta from the hospital and the next day she was back to deliver my capsules to me at home.
I would highly recommend having your placenta encapsulated to anyone - my baby is now 8 days old and my milk supply is great, my energy levels are amazing and I feel I’m healing faster than with my previous pregnancies both physically and emotionally. Thanks Bron for you wonderful services

Hi Bron, Omg, BLOSSOM IS A DREAM BABE! She literally is so chilled and it has been absolute bliss getting to just spend time with her this past week!
The capsules are actually amazing. I've been taking 3 a day and already feel a huge difference from my first postpartum recovery. Like I have an amazing milk supply and so much energy! I have a lil two year old as well but still find that I have more than enough energy for the both of them on little sleep?! ALSO, I basically have stopped bleeding already. So I must give all the credit to you and the beautiful job you've done with the placenta.
I can't thank you enough Bron for your services. You have given me such an insight to how a time like this is like no other, it is what we were created to do and honestly it is a privilege!

‘Hey Bron! Yes loving being home as a family of 4 my eldest just wants to be helpful it's so nice to be able to let them bond!

Last time I was quite surprised at how emotional I was when my milk came in, but I think my milk came in today and I have felt so emotionally balanced it's almost unbelievable! My first was only 7lb2 and Elki was 9lb2 so I'm not sure of that's got anything to do with it but I also have a lot more milk this time round. It's amazing and I wish I knew about encapsulating first time round.
Also, wanted to thank you for the beautiful print of the placenta. I didn't know what to expect but it's beautiful. I'm thinking I'll frame it!
Thanks again for everything, the service, the beautiful presentation, the support offered, and also how quickly you managed to do it all! We couldn't be happier’

Thanks Bron, yes I think the capsules have helped with emotional support and more energy after birth. I just don’t always remember to take them as consistently perhaps as I should. But I’ll keep taking them as now having 2 children is certainly keeping me on my toes!

'I had a general feeling of well being and I think it was due to my body being replenished with all of the wonderful healing properties of my placenta. I'd highly recommend it!' -- Kate & baby Oliver x

Hi Bron, first couple of nights were a bit rough but that's to be expected. I think they are doing great to be honest, haven't had the baby blues, just a couple rush of emotions. And I do have more energy than I thought, I feel good. We are finding our groove quite nicely :) It was packaged beautifully too by the way, much more than what I was expecting :) Thank you!

We are so in bliss! I'm a little tired now from the constant lack of sleep, but the placenta pills have worked wonders! Everyone keeps telling me how vibrant I look and I keep telling them where to go 😁 I did have a question about the umbilical cord, would it be okay in a frame with the little freshener bags? (FYI - yes, you can!) Thanks again for catching up, we are totally in love 💚 I'm constantly telling my pregnant friends about your service and how quickly it was delivered and beautifully presented. Thank you! I'll send a photo once I've framed it with George's prints, it'll be darling.  Thanks again! Xx

Hi Bron, we are falling madly in love 😍 feeling great taking the capsules, definitely noticed in the first couple weeks if I forgot to take them haha x

I'm feeling good, I feel the capsules have made me feel better than I was pre pregnancy with E. Glad I got my placenta done, best thing I could of done for my health. // So happy I can support my families in a smoother transition to new motherhood - even the third time around!!

Highly recommended :) I had my placenta encapsulated by Bron. I live an hour away and she drove up in the evening after I had my son to pick up my placenta. This was the first time I had met her, she was such a warm kind person and I knew I had made a great choice. When I recieved my capsules it was presented beautifully, much more than what I expected. That was just the start of the whole amazing experience.... Thank you Bron x

This was my second baby but the first time I've used the placenta encapsulation services that Bron provides. The difference in my mood, energy and milk this time around was incredible. I lost a lot of blood after birth and was warned that my milk may take time to come in and that I should be prepared to formula feed for a couple of days, but there was no need. I started my capsules the day after birth and my milk came in the following day - and there was a lot of it! All the midwives were impressed. My husband, who was initially a skeptic, is now a firm believer that it's helped dramatically with my energy and mood, now reminds me to take my capsules every day. Awesome service Bron, can't thank you enough!

I could not recommend her and her amazing services enough! My placenta capsules were little miracle tablets, I felt so great after taking them and it made my postpartum journey so much easier. Bron delivered them to me presented beautifully with a lovely gift. She made the whole experience special and handled everything with such kindness and care. --- Brooke

“Working with Bron from Kindred Birth has been an absolute pleasure. From the moment we met there was an instant connection and it felt like I was working with a dear friend. We had planned for photos straight after our Lotus style birth but due to complications needing my son to go to the special care unit we weren’t able to. Bron was so kind and understanding and worked with us to organise an alternative time to complete our photo shoot. Bron also took care of our Placenta encapsulation and we couldn’t be happier. I had my placenta encapsulated with my 3rd baby as I had heard from a friend that it helped settle the hormones after birth and eased the effects of the baby blues, which I had struggled with with my first and second births. After having really positive experience with it with my 3rd I knew I’d definitely do it with my 4th. Bron was there waiting when I got back to the maternity ward and I didn’t have to worry about a thing, she took care of everything and had it back to me in 2 days. She delivered my capsules to me in hospital, wrapped beautiful with my beautiful placenta prints. For me the capsules helped lessen my bleeding, bring my milk in and the biggest difference I felt was the emotional stability it gave me. I recommend encapsulation to everyone I speak to and can’t speak highly enough of the support it gives me in my 4th trimester. Thank you Bron for all you have given me and we so appreciate all the love and support that you’ve given in this lost special and precious time xx ---- Kelli-Anne + Patterson

Hi Bron, Thanks for checking in :)

Once again I absolutely LOVE the placenta capsules, I noticed those 3 day blues slipping in and realised I had forgotten to take my capsules. Immediately got back onto them and felt my hormones balancing out, it's so nice to to know that as long as I'm taking the correct dose I don't need to worry about my hormones and can enjoy this beautiful baby bubble we're in. I literally tell all my pregnant friends that placenta encapsulation is a must in my opinion and the way you put together such a beautiful postpartum package with an umbilical keepsake, placenta print and a little something for mama self care is a wonderful touch. I can feel the love that goes into your work so thank you! Much love, Sarah