Some beautiful words from my clients

Choosing a person to be with you at the birth of your child is important, you need to be confident they bring positive energy, intentions and support. Below are some of my clients experiences with me as either their doula or birth & motherhood photographer. I am so humbled and blessed to be invited into their birth space to support and witness the beginning of their new lives together and invited into their homes to photograph their unique family. Thank you for sharing your kind words.


Kate + Andy - Birth Support / Placenta Encapsulation - SCUH

Hear from Kate about her experience birthing her first baby Olly. Kate had planned a home birth but late in pregnancy her plans shifted and she birthed at Sunshine Coast University Hospital with her partner Andy, their private midwife and Bron as her doula.

IVF baby Sunshine Coast

Ashlee + Jamie - Birth Support/Birth Photography/Placenta Encapsulation - SCUH

Bron what a women- she guided me, educated me, calmed me, built me up, held me, comforted me, help me find my inner warrior, showered me, listened to me, talked to me, cooked for me, massaged me. She was the voice I needed to hear, the hand I needed to hold, the guidance I needed to keep focused, the women I needed in my life at that exact time... I can’t thank Bron enough for the incredible experience, pre and post natal and my incredible birth - what I wanted, how I wanted it, where I wanted it, forever engrained in my memory and heart... Then there is the pick me up follow the birth, the debriefing, the presents, the care - my god Bron was just what I needed as a new mother - the focus is all on bub and this time round I got cared for, I felt cared for, I felt special...I got my goodie bag with my placenta encapsulated and prints of my placenta and support waist bands and I just felt so amazing... Then came the postpartum stage, Bron came to my house - cooked for me, massaged me, talked with me and helped me debrief on the whole experience and it was just what I needed... Bron is a special women and I'm so glad I took the leap and had a doula for my second pregnancy. It made the world of difference in my mental journey through the early stages... could not recommened Bron more she is far more then just a doula... thank you Bron, from the Caller family x"

Fresh 48 session Sunshine Coast Buderim Hospital

Lauren + Brad - Fresh 48 Session - Buderim Private

We were fortunate enough to have Bron visit us in hospital for a Fresh 48 photo session. Bron was warm, calm and full of positive energy and postpartum wisdom, which was very much appreciated in our little newborn bubble and sleep deprived daze. We absolutely love our photos and will cherish those memories forever. I would highly recommend Bron for any photography, but also definitely recommend the fresh 48 package as it's amazing how much little bubs can change in even a short period of time!

Kindred Birth - Laura-1.jpg

Laura + Ben - Doula Support / Birth Photography / Placenta Encapsulation - Buderim Private

(Laura) What an empowering experience it was to have Bron as our birth bestie. Her warm, calm and supportive nature was everything we needed and more to support us through birthing our child. Just to have someone to talk to and build your confidence along the journey of birthing made the experience so much more uplifting. I personally felt like i had my own cheerleader in the room. I mean, how cool is that? Just to have someone solely supporting you through labour. We would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Now to just get pregnant again.

water birth sunshine coast photographer

Kelly & Aaron - Doula Support (with private midwife) /birth photography - SCUH

I will just start by saying, our recent birth experience was amazing!!

In my younger years I was actually somebody who didn’t think they wanted children at all. I think this strongly stemmed from my fear of pregnancy and childbirth that came from growing up in a society that makes birth sound so terrible. When I met my husband he assured me that he would someday like to have children and so I spent the following few years becoming almost obsessed with researching pregnancy and birth.

Thankfully after stumbling across some great positive birth podcasts I was able to completely change my views and actually got excited about becoming a Mum. When it came time for us to start planning our family, I already knew that I would like to use a doula based on the many positive reviews I had listened to.

Most doulas will recommend you interview with at least a few different Doulas before making your final choice, to ensure you find a perfect match for you. Bron was the first doula that we met with and after that initial meeting we stopped our search as we knew she would be a great fit for us.

Since every labour and birth is different I knew that having Bron there to help us navigate whatever scenario came up for us would make both my husband and I feel much more relaxed and supported. It did. After a bit of a slow start to my labour, Bron was able to help us kick things up a notch by suggesting different positions for me to try.

Once things got going we were able to complete the entire labour at home with Bron there to support us, I literally arrived at the hospital only to hop straight into the birth pool and was holding our baby girl a half hour later.

This experience was so empowering for me! To go from not wanting children at all because of my fear of birth, to having a natural labour and birth, was completely life changing for me. I left the hospital saying I wanted to have at least four babies now! Haha

Sunshine Coast newborn photographer

Carol + Sandie - Lifestyle Newborn Session

We really loved our session with Bron. We wanted something just at home in our own surroundings that was relaxed. When you’ve just had a baby it’s a mission just to have a shower so when Bron turned up and we were showered but not quite ready she made us feel relaxed and not rushed. We continued to get ready whilst she started taking photos of our little girl, Nyah. The photos are stunning and we are so happier. She sent us through a couple of photos the same day which is exactly what you want when you’ve had a photo shoot and you can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks Bron, you’re a darl! X

Lifestyle Newborn photos Sunshine Coast with 2 beagles

Cait + Mick - Placenta Encapsulation + Lifestyle Newborn Session

We really loved our session with Bron. We wanted something just at home in our own surroundings that was relaxed. When you’ve just had a baby it’s a mission just to have a shower so when Bron turned up and we were showered but not quite ready she made us feel relaxed and not rushed. We continued to get ready whilst she started taking photos of our little girl, Nyah. The photos are stunning and we are so happier. She sent us through a couple of photos the same day which is exactly what you want when you’ve had a photo shoot and you can’t wait to see the finished product. Thanks Bron, you’re a darl! X

natural birth Kawana University hospital

Amanda & Sam - Doula Support / Birth photography / Placenta Encapsulation - SCUH

I found Bron when I was half way through my pregnancy as a first time mum and was seeking her support for my partner at our birth and she gave him the confidence to go beyond what we ever imagined he would be involved in the birth of our baby girl and she supported me through the most powerful birthing experience I could ask for.

We had done Calm Birth (Karen from Fit For Birth) so knew Bron would complete our birth team perfectly. She went above and beyond through my pregnancy connecting with us on a level where we were just so excited to share our birth day with her. She made me feel confident, empowered and excited for the birth of our first baby.

I get so excited telling our birth story and how amazing Bron was. My due date was getting close and I would talk to Bron most days just telling her how I was feeling and checking in and it was so reassuring to have her advice and guidance during this time. My birth day had arrived and its one of my happiest days yet. My entire labour was 8hrs in total from first contractions to holding my baby girl in my arms. I felt calm and relaxed labouring at home through most of my labour with Bron there for support and advising us when the time was right to make our way to hospital. It was reassuring knowing Bron was there to guide us to the hospital and to our birth suite, liaising with hospital staff, respected my birth plan and letting me stay focused and in the zone.

I was able to have a drug and intervention free labour and birth that I had wished for and Bron gave my partner the confidence to get involved in the delivery of our baby girl which is the proudest moment of his life. Bron captured the most amazing images of the moments during my birth that I didn't get to see and to be able to look back on these memories are priceless..

Bron stayed with us until we checked into maternity suite, made sure we had been fed, had ice and heat packs, made my partners bed up and got us settled in before leaving. She also visited the next night to drop off my encapsulated placenta and debrief on our birth or anything we needed to discuss which was amazing.

If you are wanting to experience a positive and empowering birth like we did we would recommend having Bron as your Doula. Thank you Bron for empowering us to have the calm birth that we wanted and going above and beyond all our expectations.

positive natural birth sunshine coast

Rachel & Nathaniel - Doula Support SCUH (repeat clients)

My first birth was a breeze and I honestly thought it was all because of hypnobirthing techniques and Bron. It was and still is true, however, it was at my second birth that I truly realised the magnitude of just how incredible and how much I really needed Bron to help get us through. I honestly feel like if Bron was not there to support, encourage and guide me through then it would have been an entirely different birth story. Thank you so much! We love you and appreciate all you did and do. Xo

Sunshine Coast birth photographer | Kindred BIrth

Tenille & Alex - Doula Support SCUH

If there are angels on earth she is definitly one of them. Not only was she there in my pregnancy helping us prepare for birth, she was there holding me up with Alex during each surge, capturing those first raw precious moments (she is also a very talented photographer) & helping me have a shower after it was all over. She came back to hospital the next day to bring me her homemade lavender lips lip balm and belly support bands and we had a lovely reflection/debrief on how it went. But it didn't stop there..She came to visit at home and cooked me a delicious healthy dinner and desert! And then gave me a beautiful massage! She also brought me her special blend herbal salt bath. If that's not VIP treatment IDK what is. I feel so spoilt and I'm so grateful that she nurtured me so that I can nurture Apollo. If anyone is having a Bub I cannot recommend enough the benefits of having a doula as an extra support person! Thank you Bron.

sunshine coast newborn photography

Kelli-Ann & Sam - Newborn Photography + Placenta Encapsulation

Working with Bron from Kindred Birth has been an absolute pleasure. From the moment we met there was an instant connection and it felt like I was working with a dear friend. We had planned for photos straight after our Lotus style birth but due to complications needing my son to go to the special care unit we weren’t able to. Bron was so kind and understanding and worked with us to organise an alternative time to complete our photo shoot. Bron also took care of our Placenta encapsulation and we couldn’t be happier. I had my placenta encapsulated with my 3rd baby as I had heard from a friend that it helped settle the hormones after birth and eased the effects of the baby blues, which I had struggled with with my first and second births. After having really positive experience with it with my 3rd I knew I’d definitely do it with my 4th. Bron was there waiting when I got back to the maternity ward and I didn’t have to worry about a thing, she took care of everything and had it back to me in 2 days. She delivered my capsules to me in hospital, wrapped beautiful with my beautiful placenta prints. For me the capsules helped lessen my bleeding, bring my milk in and the biggest difference I felt was the emotional stability it gave me. I recommend encapsulation to everyone I speak to and can’t speak highly enough of the support it gives me in my 4th trimester. Thank you Bron for all you have given me and we so appreciate all the love and support that you’ve given in this last special and precious time xx

doula sunshine coast university hospital

Sam & Dustin - Doula Support SCUH

I am so grateful for the support that I received from Bron. From the moment I spoke to Bron on the phone, until after the post partum period, I felt supported in all aspects of my pregnancy and birth. I know without a doubt that I wouldn't have had my dream birth if it wasn't for the support and education that Bron provided me.  Two stand out moments for me was when I was past my due date and beginning to be stressed about this, she came over and gave me a massage- it was exactly what I needed. The other moment that stood out for me was during the "transition" time in my labour. I was doing well (on my own) and then I reached a point where I felt like I wanted to run away and couldn't do it, but Bron was right there and knew the signs that birth was coming. Immediately she was able to help me find my breath again and I felt empowered to keep going with the flow. Thank you Bron! From the bottom of my heart I am so grateful and I know I will be telling Sage about you at every birthday!

Mudjimba Doula Birth photorgapher

Amelia + Greg - Doula Support, Maternity + Birth Photography - Buderim Private

If you are toying with the idea of having a doula involved in your birth, meet Bron. She was so many things to and for Greg and I during the lead up, birth and after our baby girls’ arrival.

Besides all the knowledge, support, delicious handmade pure products and invaluable time spent together, Bron gives the softest, warmest, most sincere hugs, a rare thing! I realised early on I could be vulnerable because she made me feel safe and secure. I believe our birth was the drug free natural birth we had planned for and wanted so much because of Bron’s support and guidance. There were times during the birth where things could have gone pear shaped quickly but with her gentle assistance all went well. Both Greg and I laughed after Olympia’s safe arrival “Thank god for Bron!!”
It felt like a real luxury and I guess it is, but after our experience we both felt that birth is secret women’s business and she was the wise woman showing me the way through.
Thank you Bron xxx

same sex mums newborn session Sunshine Coast

Rebecca & Nyssa - Postpartum Support + newborn session

After a horrendous pregnancy, I wanted to ensure my transition into motherhood was as soft and supported as possible. Bron's postnatal support package was exactly what I needed. In between her addictive massages and delicious soups, Bron's gentle validation and injection of useful tips have made our newborn experience all the smoother. We have also been lucky enough to have Bron and her camera for a session with bub, and the results are second to none. I can't recommend Bron's services enough, and please make sure you get her with a camera in front of her face! You won't regret it.

c-section birth photographer

Tara - Doula Support, Birth Photography + Placenta Encapsulation - SCUH

It’s taken me over a month to be able to sit down and actually put into words just how wonderful this woman is.

From the moment I met Bron I instantly felt a motherly warmth connection, which having a strained relationship with my own mother I really clung to Bron! She has this amazing caring aura around her that just radiates! Her calm and endless knowledge instantly made me feel at ease. I found her very supportive of all my birth choices which made me feel great, I had her on my side from the minute we met. My birth was made as peaceful as possible due to her just being there, she held my hand, wiped my tears and told me it was going to be alright. Although my vba2c didn’t go to plan she was there for me, she helped me through those surges, helping me regain focus, calm & a relaxing environment. The minute my birth went pear shaped I couldn’t help but look in her eyes and feel like I failed my biggest supporter, but she has helped me heal that heartache of a birth not gone to plan. This woman is one in a million soul and I think you don’t always run into these types of people so I feel extremely blessed. 

Bron was my hypnobirthing teacher, my placenta encapsulator and post birth Photographer. Her expertise in these areas are second to none. The classes empowered me from the very first class, after that I left every class feeling more and more focused on my birth and knew with her by my side I could get through anything. I am 100% grateful that I encapsulated my placenta with a crazy birth ending in a category one c section I wouldn’t have gotten through those post birth blues, low energy & tandem feeding.

My milk production has been so good, something I struggled with last birth, I didn’t get the baby blues and I actually feel like I haven’t had a baby a month on. I’m feeding two children so I knew I needed the best start to a continued breastfeeding journey- Bron made sure I got that! “Magic pills”... 

Bron also captured the moments I wasn’t present for post surgery, I was shocked with pictures of my dear little soul that she took for me, these moments I felt I had missed out on due to a general anesthetic- but again Bron delivered and I have those memories in hand.

I can’t even put into words what this woman means to me. Friends like her are hard to find I’m just extremely blessed to have had her in my life before during and after the birth of my boy. My only sadness is that my pregnancy is over, my birth is done and I don’t get to see her beautiful bubbly self as much.

Doula at Buderim Private hospital

Francesca & Chris - Doula Support - Buderim Private

Dear Bron,
I want to sincerely thank you for everything you did to support us through the birth of our little girl. From our very first meeting you were authentically warm, kind and you gently but firmly educated us on everything we needed to understand to feel empowered. My husband and I were amazed by everything you offered. You provided us with needs we didn’t know we had! We felt so nurtured by you every step of the way but also so encouraged! I was able to approach my birth experience with confidence, ease, joy and trust in my body. Having you with me through the process made me feel safe, calm and secure. You helped me believe in my ability to birth the way I had hoped for and we accredit that to your guidance. You are truly excellent at what you do and I think everyone should have a doula like you! Words don’t express how grateful we are.We can’t put a price on the service you provided us for this significant time in our lives.
Thank you ever so much!
Francesca and Chris xxx

Thank you for everything you taught me Bron, I had absolutely no idea how to support my wife through such an intense experience and you helped and coached me to be the support she needed. It was important to us that I could play a helpful, positive role in the birth of our daughter and you made that possible. I learned so much from you during our time together. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I’m very thankful. Thanks again, Chris

Kindred Birth -Denver-1.jpg

Brooke & Ben - placenta encapsulation + newborn session

We had our newborn photos done with Bron and she also encapsulated my placenta.
I could not recommend her and her amazing services enough! My placenta capsules were little miracle tablets, I felt so great after taking them and it made my postpartum journey so much easier. Bron delivered them to me presented beautifully with a lovely gift. She made the whole experience special and handled everything with such kindness and care.

Our newborn photoshoot was incredible! So much better than the “typical” newborn shots most photographers do. Bron’s creativity and attention to detail was captured beautifully in every photo that was unique to our family. The talent she has to capture the most raw and natural moments is truly wondrous. I hate getting my photo taken and feeling posed, but I never felt like I was getting my photo taken once as Bron makes you feel so comfortable. Every photo was a special moment frozen in time of our little family just hanging out for the afternoon, it was never staged or forced. We feel so blessed to have these stunning photos to treasure and show our baby girl when she is older.

So Thankyou Bron! You are a beautiful soul and my whole postpartum journey wouldn’t have been as awesome without your help.

Love Benji, Brooke and Denver xx

doula Buderim Private Hospital Sunshine Coast water birth

Carlee & Scott - Doula Support - Buderim Private

It has taken me far to long too sit down and write this but as I'm sitting typing and reflecting while feeding my beautiful baby girl I can't help but smile when I think of not only our birth but our preparation and our postpartum time. Prior to pregnancy I had not considered birth very much, luckily I stumbled over the positive birth movement early in my pregnancy which led me to Bron & with her help, I achieved what I had wanted. I felt strong and calmly birthed with minimal intervention and my postpartum time has been better than I could of ever anticipated. Having Bron with me was the best choice I made for my mental & physical health & I think everyone should have a doula to support them so that they are able to fully cherish this special time as I have been able.

birth photography Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Megan & Sean - Doula Support + Birth Photography - SCUH

I've been having trouble to find words that truly reflect how grateful I am for Bron's support throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum days. Bron is rare. Not sure I've ever met anyone as giving, generous and thoughtful. Her offering is so so much more than I ever anticipated. So much more than words of encouragement along the way. I actually had a planned repeat c section, and even though I knew what to expect for my 'medical birth', hiring a doula for this was the best decision. My pregnancy and birth was calmer, more prepared and the continuity of care that I lacked from being a public patient was 100% made up for with Bron's ongoing support. I have so much more to say and will continue to reflect on my positive 'medical' birth experience. It will take a while before I have enough words to describe how much Bron's offering is what I see as essential for all birthing mothers. Do not hesitate to contact her!

Bron Arnold-Briggs Sunshine Coast Doula

Sharyn & Travis - HypnoBirthing & Doula Support - SCUH

A friend told me about her experience using hypnobirthing and having Bron as her Doula. Listening to her birth story I knew I wanted the same thing so when I found out I was pregnant I contacted Bron straight away. There were 3 things that we wanted for the birth of our baby.

1. A labour/birth that was calm and relaxing, where we were not rushed, overwhelmed or stressed.


Emma & Paul - HypnoBirthing & Doula Support - Buderim Private

I found Bron when pregnant with my 2nd child. I experienced birth trauma with the birth of my 1st child a couple of years earlier with a 22 hour labour with a whole cascade of interventions. I felt like birth had been done to me and that all my power was stripped away from me. I just couldn't face going through that experience again so I knew I had to take my power back and do everything I could to have a positive experience with my second pregnancy and birth. This led me to finding a doula and to do a hypnobirthing course. I found Brons website and after a coffee date to meet her, I knew her kind, gentle spirit was the perfect fit for me.

sunshine coast placenta encapsulation

Kate - Placenta Encapsulation

I have always been curious about the use of the placenta postpartum although I had never really had much information about it. I thought the only way you could benefit from it was cooking it up and eating it for breakfast however Bron showed me the light. She carefully transported my placenta home after the birth of my bub, prepared it with some magical herbs and hand delivered it to me in little capsules. I can honestly say it helped me so much postpartum. I recovered really well, my iron stores returned to a normal level at my 6 week checkup, I had a lot of energy and ample milk supply and felt like my mood was really balanced. I had a general feeling of well being and I think it was due to my body being replenished with all of the wonderful healing properties of my placenta. I'd highly recommend it!


Sarah & Phil - Birth Doula Support - Nambour General Hospital

I loved her gentle nature and also sensed a great strength in her. As a health professional who has worked with pregnant woman for the last 15 years and always recommended that they look at getting a doula I was finally able to experience all the benefits for myself!

Home birth photographer sunshine coast

 Cloe & James - Maternity, Birth & Newborn photography & birth film - Home Birth

The most important thing that anyone needs to know about Bronwyn is that Bron is passionate.  She is passionate about women, pregnancy, birth and beyond. You can tell by her warmth, how generous she is with her time, and the care and love that she pours into every photograph and video. I know this first hand because we asked Bron to do our maternity, birth and newborn photo shoots for our second baby Darcy. We are overjoyed with how she captured us. She also made a birth film for us that is the most beautiful edit of our birth experience. Bron was so discreet during labour and birth; we barely noticed her taking shots and videoing but she documented Darcys entry into the world so thoroughly and beautifully! She was also there for me when I needed a gentle reminder that I “could” when I thought that I “couldn’t” during the end stage of my labour. I am eternally grateful to Bron for the incredible memories she has captured for our family. I think that my photos and birth video are a perfect example of why you should document your journey to parenthood with Bron! I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.


Kira & Marcus - Maternity, Birth & Newborn Photography - Nambour General Hospital

Hiring you to be our birth photographer was such as easy decision. After we first met, you made me feel really comfortable in knowing you would be the perfect person to have with us at the birth of our baby. You were so much more than just our photographer. You provided invaluable advice and support throughout my pregnancy and birth. That helped me more than you could know.


Kate & Jayden - HypnoBirthing & doula Support - Gympie Hospital

I don't think my experience with Bron could improve in anyway as it was amazing and I'm so blessed that you were there with me as it made my experience so positive!

I knew that I wanted to experience a different kind of birth from the ones you see in the movies where the woman seems to be in immense pain and not enjoying it at all. After our initial meeting, Bron had given me the inspiration to make my dream of an enjoyable birth possible. The morning of our baby's birthing day it felt so comforting knowing that Bron would be there to support my partner Jayden and I. Through my surges she promoted me with the hypnobirthing that we had learnt and my 17 hour labour seemed to fly. She gave me the strength to keep breathing and ultimately helped me meet our little man in the most positive way possible. When my friends ask me how horrible the birth was they think I'm joking when I say it was amazing!! Thanks so much Bron xx


Daria & Brett - HypnoBirthing & Doula Support - Nambour General Hospital

To tell anyone about how much having Bron as my doula helped me, I have to start with the story of my first birth. My first time around I naively didn't look too much into my options and just winged it. Even though I had a healthy pregnancy I went into the hospital at 41w + 3d and was induced. It lead to a cascade of medical interventions and ultimately an emergency c-section 3 days later. I can remember sitting in my hospital bed after the birth with tears streaming down my face feeling helpless.

Fast forward 2 years later and I was pregnant with my second child. I knew I wanted to try for a vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), but more importantly I wanted my experience to be different this time around, even if it ended in a repeat caesarean, I wanted to at least have felt empowered, supported and informed to make my own decisions. Bron was recommended to me through a VBAC support group and after meeting with her, my husband and I decided to hire her as our doula - best decision ever!


Jacqui & Chris - Doula Support - Nambour General Hospital

I had an amazing birth experience with Bron as my doula!  It was my second time giving birth- the first had quite a few medical interventions so I was aiming for a more natural birth.  Well I got my wish and I believe Bron was very much a part of making it such a positive experience.  I felt informed and supported through my pregnancy and when decisions needed to be made Bron was there by phone/text/email to support me in my choices.  Once labour initiated and we arrived at hospital Bron was there and helped to advocate my wishes to the hospital staff which made me more comfortable and able to progress in my labour.  I felt empowered when the choice was made a few hours later to rupture my membranes.  Once labour was active Bron was there to support me and also gave me space when she sensed I needed to be in my "zone".  During transition she was able to support me to stay calm, breathe, and focus which led to my baby being born shortly after.  After the birth Bron was there to see to my needs and also took some truly amazing photos of us with our daughter in the first hour of her life.  I would highly recommend Bron to anyone wishing to have an empowered and positive birth experience.  Thanks Bron!  Jacqui, Chris, and baby Sophia

Kindred Birth - Suki-1.jpg

Rebekah & Luke - doula support - Nambour General Hospital

Luke’s Two Cents

Because the birth of our first child was, in hindsight (perhaps) a preventable emergency caesarean section, my wife and I were taking every stance and precaution to prevent a repeat scenario with our second child’s birth. I was determined to staunchly oppose any unnecessary medical intervention and to vigilantly question every procedure offered by hospital staff when it came time to birth. Our preparation also included planning for a doula’s presence during the active labour and birth, and to attend Hypnobirthing training (with Carrie from Joymamma). Throughout the classes and meetings with the doula, I became increasingly confident about remaining in control of the impending birth. Part of my struggle – particularly considering my experience with our first child – was the fact that I simply did not know, and as the quote goes, ‘knowledge is power’. Previously, I was unsure and unaware of my rights as a father, and what I/we could and could not request or reject in the birthing suite. Spending time with our doula gave me the knowledge I needed to soften toward hospitals and their procedures. I dropped my intense opposition toward medical institutions and my fear of once again being out of control of our birth was quenched. I felt prepared and excited to experience the surprises awaiting us in the birth of our second child.


Renee & Steve - birth photography - Home Birth

My husband Steve and I just want to thank you Bron for the beautiful photos you took of our birth experience with our little baby girl Arley. Seeing the photos actually helped to jog our memory from different moments during the day and we absolutely adore seeing the unspoken exchange of emotion captured between Steve and I.
The newborn photos you took of Arley are also so sweet! It was a lot of fun celebrating her birth with the top layer of our wedding cake used as Arley’s birthday cake and a bottle of Prosecco saved for this exact moment. So special to be able to have this all photographed by you Bron. Again we thank you!


Kate & Andrew - Maternity, Birth & newborn Photography - Home Birth

We chose Bron to photograph a maternity session, the home birth of our daughter, and a newborn/family shoot afterwards. She is professional, has a lovely relaxed demeanor and most importantly is a very skilled photographer! Thanks for providing us with incredible images to treasure forever, Bron.

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Astara & Alex - HypnoBirthing & Doula - Nambour General Hospital

Bronwyn is such an amazing doula and hypnobirthing practitioner! I highly recommend her. She was able to teach me some very valuable techniques which has changed my life dramatically. She is an amazing birth support. I mentally could not have done it without her. My birth was long and hard, she was there through it all, she removed all my anxiety prior, during and after birth. My daughter was born not breathing and had life threatening conditions. I was unable to see her after she was born, my partner left to be with our baby and Bronwyn stayed with me, she helped me through all the emotions I was feeling along with the physical exhaustion I was dealing with. She really helped me cope with what ended in a very hard after birth journey. We were transported to Brisbane and Bronwyn would call me to check on me and our beautiful baby, she visited us down in Brisbane and helped me cope with the emotions of being so detached from my baby,
Not only was she a rock during this time for me but she was also a huge support for my partner, talking him through his emotions and allowing him to have someone to listen to his worries while he was being strong for me and the baby. She's a wonderful person to have as a support person and I wouldn't hesitate to have her at my next birth.We welcomed our daughter Neveah on the 9th of October 2015 at 3:58pm. Thank you for being there before during and after. Much love to you.

Kindred Birth - Katie newborn-17.jpg

Katie & Ryan - HypnoBirthing & Doula - Nambour General Hospital

I don’t even know where to start… Ryan and myself are so thankful that we chose you to be our Doula Bron, starting with hypnobirthing classes that taught us both how to relax and so much more, they have been skills that we can use everyday (which I need with a confident toddler) it definitely did help me through labour even if Masen’s birth wasn’t how I’d pictured it in my head. Our birthing experience was a lot more positive this time thanks to all the information, support and encouragement you provided me with. Without it I wouldn’t have had the confidence to ask questions and have the healing birth I got. You have such a gentle and nurturing approach. You truly are priceless, I will be recommending you to any pregnant lady I meet. Thank you for everything, Katie, Ryan, Iylah & Masen x


Lauren & Kyle - maternity & birth Photography - Home Birth

Bron!!!! These photos are just magnificent!!!! Thank you so much for being a part of my birthing journey. You are amazing at what you do… and I will be forever grateful for giving me such a precious keepsake of the birth of my daughter.  Thank you so much for your amazing work!! Having a birth photographer was one of the best choices I have ever made!! You have captured those absolutely phenomenal moments that I will just treasure forever. So nice to have been able to relax during birth and not have to worry about missing these moments because you were there to document it all!!

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Haylee & Warrick - HypnoBirthing & Doula - Nambour General Hospital

I first contacted Bron in hope that she would be able to assist me in achieving a natural calm drug free birth that would also help me to let go of negative feelings I was holding onto from my not so easy birth with my son. Warrick and I started Hypnobirthing classes with Bron and also asked her to doula for us. Over the five weeks of the course she helped relieve so many anxieties I had towards the birth and built up my confidence more then I thought was possible. I began looking forward to the birth and getting excited for it. Unfortunately our birth didn’t go to plan and our little Chloe decided to come six weeks early. To say I was scared and stressed and unsure would be an understatement. I was exhausted from contracting for 4 days prior and had no idea how my little bunny was going to be when she she emerged into the world. Without Bron and my amazing partner I don’t think I would have been able to do it as well as I did. Bron helped to keep me calm (as calm as possible) and I was able to achieve a natural drug free birth which was everything I had wanted. I got skin to skin with my little bunny and Bron helped advocate my needs and wants in regards to delayed cord clamping, skin to skin and keeping my placenta. After they took my little bunny to special care Bron stayed with me through a bit of a traumatic afterbirth she really helped me through that and I’m so glad she was there as I really needed that support especially with my partner being with the baby. I cannot recommend a better person to have as a Doula or Hypnobirthing practicitioner. I am forever grateful that I had her in the room on the day my beautiful little Chloe was born. Thank you Bron xxxx

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Rachel & Nathaniel - HypnoBirthing & Doula - Nambour General Hospital

Bron, Nathaniel and I wanted to openly thank you so very much! We are extremely happy and feel very blessed that we found you. I knew what kind of birthing experience I wanted to have but before I found you I just didn’t know how to actually achieve this. You equipped us with knowledge, techniques and confidence that really helped us prepare for birth being calm, relaxed and trusting my body and our baby. Also you were extremely supportive for both Nathaniel and I during the birth. We cannot imagine this experience without you and cannot thank you enough for helping us bring our beautiful little girl into this world without any drugs or medical intervention. We truly believe because of you and hynobirthing we had the perfect birthing experience that I had envisioned and dreamt of. We highly recommend you! xoxo


Sage & Shannon - Maternity & birth Photography - Nambour General Hospital

Sage: Is birth photography really necessary? I say YES! Bron, words can not describe the gift you have given us by capturing the birth of our bubba boy! Looking through the images, there were parts I had completely forgotten had ever happened! Seeing the love and admiration from my husband during the entire labor was truly heart warming and something I would have never seen without your presence. I am so grateful for every image you have given us and will treasure them forever! Thank you x

Shannon: When Sage came home saying she wanted a birth photographer I immediately replied with “no way! It’s a private and intimate time just for us to experience”. She did however manage to convince me into it and I’m glad she did! I didn’t even notice Bron in the room and the pictures she captured are amazing. Not only photos from the birth, but she also got some great photos of our new little family straight after. We have memories that will last forever.


Amanda & James - Maternity, Fresh Baby & Newborn Sessions - Buderim Private Hospital

Hi Bron

I just wanted to say I’ve just received our photos.  I’m so happy with how they turned out.  The sessions were so relaxed and fun I hardly knew you were snapping away, and as a result captured who we are as a family. The little finishing touches and how you presented them was so cute and made receiving them that much more exciting.

The fresh baby session was a last minute decision and how lucky we were to do it.  Things I hadn’t remembered are now captured moments we can forever look back on.  Lilly asked why she didn’t have photos in hospital, and I said I never knew that photographers offered a session like it.  I’ll definitely be encouraging people I know to look at having a fresh baby session because they grow too fast. Just hours old, I now have photos to share that tell a story of her very first moments.

Thank you so much
Amanda, James, Lilly and Alexis


Vanessa & Andrew - Twins - Birth Photography - Buderim Private Hospital

“I never thought I would ever want a stranger in the birth suite with me, never mind a photographer that would be capturing everything! But as I gave thought to the birth of my twins and what I wanted, all I could think of was my wedding day. Up until the birth of my babies, it was the biggest day of my life and it was well documented by beautiful photos. And boy was I glad it was! In the excitement and craziness of our day, I found there was so much I didn’t even remember or get to see. It was until I saw the photos that I realised how much I would have missed out on if it wasn’t for those precious photos. And this is why I made the decision to document the birth. My husband wasn’t convinced at first, but Bron came and chatted through everything with us and got to know us in advance and put us at ease. On the day, she arrived with plenty of time to spare, and despite knowing she was on her way, I didn’t initially even notice her presence in the room. She was very respectful and discreet, and definitely knew her place. And at times, that place was even to put down her camera and hold my hand when my husband had to have a quick bathroom break! At times like that, it was like having a friend in the room. I knew I would obviously be focused on safely delivering my twins and I would miss so much. The moment my little girl and little boy first appeared, the look on my husbands face when he first laid eyes on them, the love that was captured as we each held these new little lives in our arms and were together as a family for the first time. Bron really listened to what we wanted and respected our space. We knew we were only having two children, but if I was to go back for more, I would absolutely be back in touch with Bron to capture that moment too!”