Sunshine Coast Birth Photographer


Meeting your baby for the first time is a momentous occasion, you want to make sure every little detail is captured so it’s never forgotten. Your labour and birth is your baby’s birth day story, a love story! A reminder of how strong you are, how loving and supportive your partner is, these are the details that may go unnoticed during labour and forgotten over time. Birth photos become my clients most treasured possessions. Birth photography is as important as your wedding photography, big moments in your life deserve a professional photographer you can trust to preserve these moments.

But can’t my mum/partner can take photos? Well yes they can, but wouldn’t you prefer your support people to actually support you, not to stand back and take photos. As good as iphones are these days, they won’t cut it in a dark birth suite.

I am a story teller, I know how to capture the important moments, the tiny details and I know how to do it in a way that’s flattering and tasteful! I know how to work with limited lighting, confined spaces and to respect your birth space and your care providers. As a doula and HypnoBirthing practitioner I have unwavering faith in you and your ability to birth your baby. I respect you, hold space for you, I care about you – I become another support person for you. I have built a wonderful rapport with midwives and Doctors and we have a mutual respect. I also hold $20 million Public Liability Insurance, so you know you are hiring a professional.

Trust your partner do their job and trust me to capture the magic, then you get the love and support you need, partners get to be involved in their baby’s arrival and you both get amazing photos celebrating the special arrival of your new baby. You probably won’t even notice me there!

Birth Story Packages start from $1500 (including digital photos and an album) – please get in touch for more detailed information and check availability.  You also have the option of a free Birth Registry -  often family and friends would like to contribute something special - what can be more special than having amazing photos of the day you met your baby!

Look through the gallery below - there are a few images from each client gallery - it helps you see the kinds of photos you can expect for your birth

- Hospital birth - Home birth - Caesarean birth -


I am eternally grateful to Bron for the incredible memories she has captured for our family.

-- Cloe & James