Postnatal Support


The transition from woman to mother is monumental!

Julia Jones Postpartum Doula

It’s exciting and joyful and it can be challenging and stressful. With advice coming from every turn (mostly well meaning) the early postnatal days can be confusing and overwhelming.

We live in a world where mothers feel they need to get back to their pre-baby activities soon after the baby arrives. Unlike other cultures where newborn mothers are nurtured, honored and supported by their 'tribe' - their extended families, womenfolk and village elders. Australian mothers are mostly left alone after their own Mum and/or partner return home or return to work after 2 weeks. Feelings of isolation, insecurity and self doubt lead to postnatal depression and more commonly postnatal anxiety. A postnatal doula is here to 'mother the new mother' to help her find her confidence, hold space while she develops her new mothering skills or just hold her baby so she can have a shower and get out of her PJ's!

My role as a postnatal doula is to provide caring open support so you can find your feet. So you can take a deep breath and say ‘Does this work for me and my baby?’ You don’t need yet another person offering an opinion, you need a safe space to try new things and see what feels right for you.

I can help with the basics, breastfeeding support, settling techniques and some simple help around the house. I help you make time for rest and self care so when the challenging days happen (and they do happen) you will be able to cope, ask for help if necessary and build your confidence as a new mum.

Your body knew how to conceive, nurture and birth your baby, just as it knows how to love, feed and protect your new baby – all you need is preparation, confidence and support.

How can I help you have a blissful babymoon

  • Breastfeeding support and newborn settling techniques.
  • Nurturing full body massage for relaxation.
  • Modern belly wrapping – simple comfortable support for your postpartum body.
  • Help creating a simple self care plan.
  • Relaxation techniques to make the most of your sleep and cope during times of stress.
  • Practical in-home support inc meal prep, laundry/folding etc.
  • Safe sleeping guidelines.
  • Swaddling techniques.
  • Simple infant massage instruction.
  • Support to find your own parenting style and trusting your instincts and intuition.


Kindred Support Package:

  • Initial 30min consultation (obligation free)*
  • one hour prenatal* visit to establish your support needs and priorities
  • one 3 hour postnatal support visit within a day or two of coming home (or after birth for homebirth) including a full body massage to nurture your newly postpartum body and soul.
  • Phone and email support.
  • An invitation to my private Facebook group 'Kindred Birth Sanctuary' for friendship and support.

You decide the frequency of visits and how long you would like to be supported - 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months - uniquly you!

- each session is individually tailored to suit your needs on the day. You will also receive a 30min back neck and shoulder massage at each visit - to help soothe tight muscles from feeding, changing and staring lovingly at your precious baby!

plus: Nurturing self care package of goodies inc modern belly wraps!


* Ideally we meet and discuss your needs prenatally and start putting strategies in place before birth BUT we can also do this after baby arrives - it's preferable not essential xx