Peri Love duo

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Kindred Birth - peri duo-2.jpg
Kindred Birth - peri duo-1.jpg

Peri Love duo


Preparation before birth and gentle care after birth can help reduce the impact on the perineal area. Use the Peri oil for gentle peri massage from 36 weeks use the enclosed information on perineal massage as a guide.

The Peri Mist can be sprayed on tender lady parts after birth, after using the bathroom and to make ‘padsicles’ to help reduce swelling and bruising. Can be used in conjunction with arnica homeopathics to help with bruising and recovery. For added relief, keep in the fridge.

Peri Oil

Contains: Geranium essential oil + fractionated coconut oil.


Mist Contains: pure filtered water + witch hazel + aloe vera + coconut oil + geranium + lavender + clary sage + frankincense essential oils



Your peri mist is AMAZING! ~ Chantal

I love this! I now use it as an after sun spray (after postpartum healing) ~ Rachel

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