Gentle Belly Wraps (2 pack)

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Kindred Birth - belly wraps-1.jpg
Kindred Birth - belly wraps-2.jpg
Kindred Birth - belly wraps-3.jpg

Gentle Belly Wraps (2 pack)


Mama, you nurtured your growing baby throughout pregnancy and now it’s time to nurture you and your amazing postpartum body!

These gorgeously soft tubular wraps are so comfortable & easy to wear. There are no fastenings, clips or velcro - you can wear them discreetly under your clothes and no one will even know.

Comes with a cotton laundry bag for washing. Wash in a normal cold machine wash.

“They feel like a beautiful warm hug” “The best part of my postpartum recovery”

Suitable to wear after any kind of birth, even caesarean births.

Please choose 2 different size options (consider your pre-pregnant trunk size) These are meant to be firm fitting - a bigger size can be worn during your first days/weeks postpartum (or for night time) and a smaller size as your body returns to your new normal shape. Each size is 80cm in length and worn doubled over for extra support.

xs - 76 - 80 cm

s - 81 - 84 cm

m - 85 - 90 cm

l - > 90 cm

Wrap #1 Size:
Wrap #2 Size:
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Belly wrapping can help your posture and lower back while your body recovers and strengthens. During the latter stages of pregnancy your lower back was supported by your baby inside the uterus. Your body was also being affected by Relaxin, a pregnancy hormone designed to soften muscles and ligaments to allow your baby to pass through the pelvis. Now your postpartum body needs some extra support while it returns to its pre-pregnant state.

Help support your internal organs while they settle back into their proper place. It’s not just your uterus that needs to return to normal, all of your abdominal organs have been squashed and cramped up to accommodate the growing uterus. After birth, these organs all need to find their way back. Support from the wrap will help your organs return to their rightful place.

Written instructions included.

100% Australian Made and Latex Free

Made from Cotton, Elastodiene & Polyester blend

Note: they will fray slightly, though will not affect the overall performance. Always seek the advice from a medical practitioner.