Session Info - What you need to know - Sessions are available for Birth Photography or Doula Clients exclusively at this time. 


Where do we shoot?

I LOVE capturing people in their homes, this is where you are most comfortable, this is where your story unfolds. I love looking through the tin of old photos from when I was a kid and seeing our home, our pets, the yard! It brings my childhood memories flooding back! That being said, I love outdoor locations that are special to you, do you go fishing on a Friday afternoon? BBQ's in the park, F&C's at the beach? If it means something to you, I'm there!

How do I prepare my house for our session?

Don't stress over this! We don't want a perfect display home, that's not real life. I want the authentic you (just a slightly tidy version) Leave the books on the coffee table, put the dishes away. We will be shooting in the heart zones of your home - your bedroom, the kitchen/living room and maybe a kids room or outdoor area. I will be looking for the best light so may even move some furniture around. We can move anything that might be distracting. Fresh flowers &/or indoor plants are always great, they bring some colour, texture into your photos.  White or plain coloured sheets in the main bedroom is great, a special quilt or something Grandma crocheted adds something special.

What time will our session take place?

Depending on the light in your home we can shoot in the morning or later in the day. For outdoor locations we will shoot late in the afternoon, an hour or so before sunset - this is a must. This is ensure the most beautiful light, soft flattering shadows and a warm golden glow. I know this is hard with kids and nap times but for one day, I promise, it's worth breaking the routine. We will have lots of fun and we take the pace from the youngest kid. Snacks, toys and 'specials' for a little bribe work wonders!!

What do we wear?

Something comfortable! Something you love and you know looks good on you. No matchy matchy white tees and jeans please - when would you EVER wear that out or around the house?? Mumma, dress you first, put everyone else in something that looks nice alongside you. If the kids have a special outfit they never take off - awesome! If you can't get them to put clothes on - that's cool too!! Just try and avoid big bold patterns or brand name clothes (Nike and Quiksilver earn enough money!) We want the focus on you and your connections not your clothes! If we are shooting on location at the beach, there is a good chance one or more of us will end up in the water - it's all good, just go with it!

It's photo day - now what?

If we are shooting in your home, I'll ask you to give me a tour to check out the light and your cool space. This will give any kids a chance to show me their bedroom and their toys and we become friends! I may suggest moving some furniture and I will almost definitely stand on your bed (without shoes of course). We'll explore and play and snuggle and tickle - it will be fun I promise! We'll even head outside to take a few photos. If we shoot outdoors, I scout around for a good spot and we'll get started - again lots of fun, keep it relaxed and genuine.

What happens after our session?

After our session together I try to get a sneak peak on Facebook or Instagram within 24 hours (with your permission) then I will carefully edit your pictures and upload to an online gallery for you to make your selections or decide to upgrade to the full gallery if you find it hard to choose. Depending on your collection you will receive a download link to access your photos or I will put them on a gorgeous wooden twig USB. If you have prints, albums or films included in your selections them will be put into production and you will get an email when they are ready.  Your photos will be ready to view in approximately 2-3 weeks after your session - printed products can be up to 6 weeks from ordering.

Will I get colour and black and white copies?

I am a huge fan of black and white especially for birth story photos. I find they are timeless and very emotive! They also help to remove any distractions from the location and help us find the love and emotion in your images. You can expect to receive a mix of colour and black and white at my discretion and in keeping with my artistic vision and style. You most likely won't receive copies of each photo in both colour and black and white.

Will you make me look younger, Photoshop me?

Nope, I won't sorry. I might remove the odd distracting blemish but otherwise no. I want real life, your kids want the real you. Any smile lines are there for a reason - lots of love and happiness, you don't want me taking that away!  You definitely don't want your friends and family asking if you've had a weird facelift or botox!

What if we are sick?

Easy, we reschedule - and if I'm sick too - no sharing the germy love!

What if my kids crack it and we have tantrums?

That's cool, kids are kids, we just go with the flow and let the little people set the pace. After all some of my fave photos are the teary make up snuggles after the melt down! Sorry can't help you if your husband has a tantrum, but I'll probably photograph him too!! 

What if it's raining?

If we're shooting outdoors and there's actual rain, we'll reschedule. If its overcast, that's cool, I love a moody sky and the light is super soft and flattering! If we are shooting at home we can likely keep our session happening, unless it is super dark and there is no light inside. We can rebook. It's all good - we can make the call closer to the session time.

How far will you travel?

My base is the Sunshine Coast, but I'm happy to travel. There is a small travel fee for locations more than 50km away from my home. Interstate, overseas? I love an adventure, let's chat!!

What about the dog, cat, chickens? Can we include our fur/feather babies?

OMG I love including animals in my sessions!! I have 2 fur babies I adore, I get it! Our pets are part of the family and they deserve to be included in our family memories! I've photographed the family dog, cat and even a HORSE! I love chickens and birds, turtles even. Not a fan of snakes though - but if I don't have to handle it, I'm all good!!

I'm excited and ready to book, now what?

Send me an email through my contact form and I'll give you a call to plan a date and discuss your ideas. I'll send you an agreement and a questionnaire to help plan the perfect session for you. For Birth Stories I take a max of 3 on call clients per month so best to get in touch early to ensure your booking. A booking fee will secure your birth date or session date and the collection balance is due the week of your session.


Ready to book? Get in touch and lets do it!