Mother Blessing Ceremony

birth mother blessing blessingway sunshine coast
Just as the tree grows best when anchored firmly in the Earth,
So can a pregnant mother feel strong and capable when supported by a sisterhood of nourishing friends
— April Lussier
birth blessing

Pregnancy is a powerful time in a woman’s life that deserves great respect. A birth blessing is inspired by the ancient wisdom of women throughout the world who, from the beginning of time, have created ceremonies and rituals to express their love and support for expectant mothers. A blessingway is a traditional Native American gathering that focuses on preparing the mother emotionally and spiritually for childbirth and motherhood, rather than supporting her materially for the baby to come. A Blessingway marks a woman’s rite of passage into motherhood and is a ceremony of empowerment for the mother during the birthing process.

A mother blessing can be a stand alone ceremony or added to your photography or support package. We will have a face to face planning session where we will tailor the event to suit you and your desires. There are many heartfelt rituals we can chose from or even creates one of your own. We can create a deeply meaningful occasion with a small handful of your closest female friends and family - draw upon their wisdom, energy and experiences to fill you up as your prepare to walk the path to motherhood. Following this heartfelt event everyone joins to feast on a communal offering of food!

an amazing feast following mother blessing || Kindred BIrth

(This ceremony was officiated by Deborah from Birds Bees & Bubbas I was the photographer)