Little Films by Kindred Birth

Still photography is superb at freezing a moment in time - capturing a kiss, a look or a hug. But video, it draws you in, tells your story and captures the sounds of your life! You can relive these stories over and over again, watching as though it were yesterday and not the weeks, months or years past.

I'd love to create a special film for you and your family to cherish for a lifetime. Video can be incorporated into any photography session be it maternity, birth or newborn.

Renee's heartfelt mother blessing

Surrounded by her beautiful friends and family, Renee was showered with love, wisdom and strength for her upcoming birth. The candle lighting ceremony & presentation of beads for her birthing necklace was truly moving. As labour begins Renee will light her candle, as will her friends and together they will fill her with ancient wisdom of womankind to bring her baby Earthside.

Meeting Darcy

An amazing home Hypnobirth of Darcy, Mumma is a HypnoBirthing Practitioner and with the support of her Husband, Mum and 2 gorgeous midwives she brings her big boy earthside in the wee hours of the morning.

Baby Franklin - newborn film

New baby Franklin settles in to family life with Bonnie the dog, the chickens and a story of the boy who builds a submarine in his bedroom!

Brand Films for Businesses

Megan Willis Photography - brand film

A gorgeous look behind the scenes with Megan from Megan Willis Photography, maternity, newborn and wedding photographer.