Full Bloom

your ultimate motherhood experience

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Every women deserves to be nurtured, supported, educated and respected in her unique motherhood journey. There is so much focus on preparing for the baby's needs - the nursery furniture, pram, clothes, all the way down to stock piling nappies & wipes. Then there's the baby shower (totally focused on the baby), we cook up a storm and fill the freezer (but aren't you thinking about feeding the rest of the family and the visitors) But what about you Mama? Have you stopped to think about your needs, your body's needs as it grows a whole new human person! What about after your baby's born, have you thought about your needs, your body's needs as it heals and replenishes from pregnancy and birth?

Wouldn't you love to have a truly amazing, nurturing pregnancy, birth and postpartum?   For centuries women gathered to talk, share stories and support one another in all phases of life - Maiden (youth), Mother (pregnant and new mothers), Maga (menopause), Crone (old age). Women were never left to wonder, can I do this? What does birth look like, feel like, sound like? The word 'midwife' means 'with woman' - the traditional practice of holding space, allowing women to walk their own path feeling safe and birth instinctively,  Then when baby arrived, mothers were still nurtured and cared for with postpartum practices and ritual. In China they still still practice the ancient ritual of Confinement, nourishing the newly birthed mother with warm food, massage and baby care while she does 'the month'. In India the Ayurvedic practice of the 'First 40 days' is very similar, warmth, nourishing oily foods, massage and rest is common place. So why is our Western culture so backwards? Mothers feeling they need to be stoic and back to normal in only days or weeks? We've lost touch - do we underestimate the enormity of GROWING.A.HUMAN.CHILD! There have been recent studies saying recovery after having a baby could take twelve months or more. We approach our postpartum like we recover from the flu!

I have put together the full complement of my services into one soul filling, life affirming, woman gathering, body nurturing ESSENTIAL package - for you Mama! The Full Bloom experience! ...... an amazing holistic experience as you walk the path to Motherhood (whether that's the first time or the tenth time).

Full Bloom

  • Pregnancy & Birth Doula - Support throughout your pregnancy from the time you book until the time you birth
  • A place in a group HypnoBirthing course for you and your birth partner
  • A Mother Blessing Ceremony - a rite of passage event fully focused on you
  • Maternity photography session
  • Birth Photography during your labour and birth
  • Placenta Encapsulation - supporting you in your immediate postpartum weeks
  • Closing Ceremony - ancient ritual of nourishing and closing your postpartum body
  • 6 weeks of Postpartum visits including full body massage, meal preparation, newborn care and breastfeeding support
  • Newborn photography session with your choice of framed wall art. All images will be supplied on keepsake USB.
  • Lots of beautiful products to support you along your pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey - oils, teas, candles etc
  • An invitation to my private Kindred Birth Sanctuary
  • Access to my library of pregnancy, birth and parenting books, DVD's, downloads etc until your babe turns ONE!
  • Invitation to workshops, social gatherings and friendship groups for 12 months after your baby is born.
  • Discount vouchers for exclusive services to support your journey into motherhood
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