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Book your prenatal visits here

We have 3 prenatal visits to get to know each other, go over your birth preferences and find the information you need to make the best decisions for you and your baby during labour and birth. We will look at active birthing positions, partner involvement and support techniques for them to help you during labour and SO MUCH MORE! Each visit is 2 hours in duration and I only book ONE visit per day. Just remember I may need to reschedule in case I become unavailable at short notice.

Prenatal Visits - timing your visits.

Visit one: between 30-32 weeks, we'll look at some basic childbirth education, preparing your mind and body for birth, discuss any concerns or fears for your birth etc

Visit two: around 35 weeks as most care-providers will discuss your birth plan/preferences at your 36 week visit. Here we can talk about what you want and don't want in regards to your medical care and begin or refine your birth preferences before your 36 week appointment. Find evidence based information to help you draft your preferences.

Visit three: 37-38 weeks, we will look at stages of labour, comfort measures, coping skills and active birth positions plus anything else you choose including when to go to hospital (if birthing in hospital) AND planning for your postpartum!

Kindred Birth Circle - Monthly Mothers Group

Just remember we have a monthly Kindred Birth Circle mothers group you are welcome to come along, this adds to us getting to know each other and you building your support network and friendship group! We can swap resources at these gatherings also!