Placenta Encapsulation | Testimonial

placenta encapsulation sunshine coast

Not sure about taking placenta capsules - hear what my clients are saying.

This was my second baby but the first time I've used the placenta encapsulation services that Bron provides. The difference in my mood, energy and milk this time around was incredible. I lost a lot of blood after birth and was warned that my milk may take time to come in and that I should be prepared to formula feed for a couple of days, but there was no need. I started my capsules the day after birth and my milk came in the following day - and there was a lot of it! All the midwives were impressed. My husband, who was initially a skeptic, is now a firm believer that it's helped dramatically with my energy and mood, now reminds me to take my capsules every day. Best investment ever! Awesome service Bron, can't thank you enough!

So how does it work? When you decide you want to encapsulate your placenta, head over to the online booking form here and book in your due date. I'll send you an invoice and an info pack. When labour starts, send me a text or email to let me know. Then when babe arrives and your placenta is birthed, follow the storage instructions I sent you. I come and collect from you anywhere on the Sunshine Coast (or even North Brisbane or Gympie - travel fees apply). I process your placenta in my dedicated preparation space overnight and then return your capsules to you the following day (although up to 48 hours can expected). Included is a written usage guide and some special extras.

I know the idea of consuming your placenta is a little out there. Certainly your friends and family might be questioning your decision also, but for those women who have chosen encapsulation as another tool for postpartum support and recovery, they are very happy they did.

If you have questions, get in touch via the contact page - I'd love to see if placenta encapsulation could work for you.