Practical Parenting Magazine


A while ago one of my clients mentioned she was interviewed for Practical Parenting Australia Magazine about her experience having a doula for her birth. Of course I was thrilled, spreading the word about doulas, positive birth stories and education for other families wondering if they can have a positive and empowered birth for themselves.

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I feel very privileged and honored to be invited into a couples birth space, helping them to achieve their dreams and goals for birth. Every birth is different and every couples idea of the ideal birth is different too. A doulas role is purely support with no other motivation than see you achieve your best birth - whatever that looks like. And if we need to deviate from your ideal path, I'm there to help you understand your options, allow you a safe space to make decisions and support you on the rest of your birth journey. A doula shouldn't lead you on the path to birth but walk beside you, reassuring you and allowing you the confidence to choose the steps that are right for you. Pure and simple.

You can read Rebekah & Luke's touching testimonial here

If you think having a doula for your birth is a good idea or would like some more information please get in touch. I'd love to help you have your best birth!