Born enroute to hospital || Sunshine Coast ambulance birth

This little girl waited for no one – not even her Daddy!

Nat was having Braxton Hicks on and off for a couple of days, nothing regular, nothing strong, just nothing. Then during the Thursday evening things changed, they become a little more intense but manageable. Nat let me know how she was feeling and I made sure my gear was ready & clothes were on the end of my bed. At about 3:15am my phone started to ring and I jumped up and I knew it was go time. What I didn’t expect was …….. “Bron, I’ve had the baby, it was quick, really quick, she was born in the ambulance on the way to hospital!”

I got dressed and grabbed my bag and arrived at Nambour General’s Birth Suite at about 3:40am (I would have been quicker except I got into the wrong lift – my eyes were still adjusting to the lights!!) Nat was the talk of the birth suite midwives! The VBAC mummy (vaginal birth after caesarean) who gave birth in an ambulance! As I walked into the dark room, here was Nat still having skin-to-skin cuddles with the yet to be named baby girl. The story began of how the birth unfolded and how poor Matt missed his little girl’s entrance as he was driving in their car following the ambulance.

Thankfully I was able to capture Daddy’s first cuddles, Grandma’s first cuddles, weighing and measuring and all her tiny details. I also captured the phone call to tell her big brothers they had a sister!! This beautiful family will always have a pretty amazing story to tell.

Welcome baby Josie!

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NOTE: This birth was photographed while I was "Simply B Photography" - before I became a doula & child birth educator and rebranded into Kindred Birth.