Birth Stories from my families

overdue baby Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Sam, Dustin and Willow welcome Sage (via Instagram)

🌸It’s been 5 weeks since my beautiful Sage was born. Sage is known as a cleansing and healing plant, as well as meaning “wise one”. I already feel that through her birth, she has lived up to her name.
When I reflect on her birth, the words I would use to describe it would be magical✨, healing, gentle and powerful. I felt like a goddess in the water as I breathed her down, blowing bubbles in the water as each surge came.
I’m so glad I trusted my intuition and body in waiting for her to be ready. She was born 17 days over due, but she knew when the timing was right. When labour actually started, I think I was in denial at first, as I was having contractions everyday for weeks. I look back and laugh, to think I went to the movies with Dustin while having 4 minute apart contractions 😂 This was then followed by a nice dinner, and a moon lit walk on the beach... all the while I was riding each surge, breathing it through, and feeling pure bliss that at last she was coming.
At 1.30am things became a bit more intense, so I put on meditation music and rolled around on the ball in between showers. Finally, it was time to go to the hospital ... We arrive at 4.30am... I’m completely in my own zone, hoody over my head, headphones in listening to meditation music. Rolling my hips as each surge came walking into emergency. I felt high on oxygen, as I had been using deep breathing for hours now... filling my belly up like a balloon when each surge came- I was actually enjoying myself.
My waters broke as we got to the birth suite. The urge to push became strong, the transition caused me to panic, but my doula @kindred_birth helped calm me down and find my breath again.
Finally, I was in the water... it was the most amazing feeling... with each breath I could feel her head emerge, and her body wriggle as she prepared to descend... and at 5.16am she was in my arms. My perfect Sage. 🌱