Birth Photography GIft Registry

Birth Photography Registry

Having a baby is such an exciting time and let's face it, an expensive time too. I never want the decision to have beautiful birth photography be made based on money. How can you put a price on having these moments captured and treasured forever? I know when I had my children lots of friends and family wanted to give us something for the baby, we ended up with so many baby towels, lotions, tiny baby clothes, stuff we really didn't need 10 of.  But what if you had your own private registry for those family and friends to give you something that will last a lifetime.

Once you sign your contract and pay your deposit, you are eligible to establish your gift registry.  This is a great way to get your friends and families to contribute towards your memories.  It is completely FREE and I will update you every time there is a donation made to your birth package.  You will also have a customized birth registry page to send to your friends and family so they can donate!

The funds paid through your registry will credit towards your custom birth package and any extras you may want to include.