About Bron


So this is me, I’m Bron, I’m a wife and a mother, I have 2 adult ‘kids’ & I’ve survived!

I’m a Sunshine Coast Birth and Postnatal Doula, placenta encapsulation specialist, HypnoBirthing practitioner and a professional Birth + Motherhood Photographer.

So, what’s my story? I met a man, fell in love & surprise! You’re pregnant!

We were in our early 20’s and clueless about it all, about pregnancy, birth and babies. And I was scared, really scared! How was I going to get through this? The only thing I knew, I had to push a baby out of my vagina and that was going to hurt!

I chose a (not so nice) private obstetrician in a private hospital, was told birth would be ‘a piece of cake’  and that was that. As far as he was concerned, I knew all I needed to. I was stressed, I was anxious and then I was induced. BUT in a moment of clarity, I listened to what my body was telling me, I surrendered to the process, I let something innate and primal lead me to meet my baby. And I did it! I felt strong and calm and confident! But now I had a crying baby and I had no idea how to make it stop! The stress and doubt started creeping back and before long I was bottle feeding and sent home……..

Fast forward two and half years (& a miscarriage) Here I was, about to have another baby. I chose a care provider I trusted (my GP), I booked into our local public hospital and I was excited, I was confident and I was induced…… again! But you know what? I knew what to do, I had faith in myself, my husband, my birth support and in the midwives. I birthed like a boss and this time I was going to breastfeed even if it killed me. And I did it, with perseverance and help!

So what did I learn? I learned I had to find a supportive care provider, I had to trust my body and that if I really wanted something, I had to find a way to get it.

That’s what I want for every birthing woman, to have choices, support in those choices and information to get the things you want. Whether that’s for your birth, your feeding choices, your parenting.

I love working with ‘willing women’ (Rhea Dempsey - Birth With Confidence) those women that want to do work, physically and emotionally. Women who fundamentally know birth is a normal part of a womans life, a rite of passage, a transformation - but maybe they don’t really know how to figure it out, yet. After our work prenatally they are transformed - prepared, confident and open to whatever unfolds in their birthing story. Just remember, this is your birth, with your decisions about what’s best for you, your baby & your family. As long as you looked at your options, weighed up the pros and cons, asked questions – I’m good, I’m there and it’s all about you!

I’m a pretty down to earth person, I enjoy a touch of ‘woo’ and a dash of spirituality, I have a big heart, I cry, I like to have a laugh and I do care deeply about you and your experience.

So if you think you’d like to meet and see if we’re a good fit, click the button below and send me a message!


Birth Doula(CLD) (2015) - Childbirth International

HypnoBirthing – The Mongan Method (HBCE) (2015), HypnoBirthing Institute

Postnatal Doula - Julia Jones (2016) - Newborn Mothers Collective

Placenta Encapsulation (2017) - APPA - Association of Placenta Preparation Arts

Breastfeeding Counselor - Childbirth International - currently studying

Doula Mentor - Mentorship Program with We Birth


Level 1 Reiki - (2019) Living Inspired, Christine Maudy

(PD) Doula Conference Australia - Lennox Head 2019

(PD) Doula Network Australia Conference - Sydney 2018 - guest speaker Birth Photography for Doulas

(PD) Spinning Babies Meets Birthwork - Gail Tully & Jenny Blythe 2018

(PD) Let Me See My Baby - Amy Banson 2017

(PD) Afterbirth Confab - APPA 2017

(PD) Rebozo Workshop - Clare Blake from Fertility Massage Therapy 2015

Facilitator of Sunshine Coast Positive Birth Movement

(PD) Becoming Dad certified - Darren Mattock - Becoming Dad

Financial member of Homebirth Queensland since 2014

Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies

Member of the International Association for Professional Birth Photographers

Member of Birth Photographers Australia

Verified member of Placenta Services Australia

Member of Doula Network Australia

I would highly recommend Bron to anyone wishing to have an empowered and positive birth experience.  Thanks Bron!  -- Jacqui & Chris